Monday, May 14, 2007


One of the many things I get asked is what is the difference between an EPMO and a PMO? An EPMO or Enterprise Program Management Office aligns strategically with the organization and provides holistic management over multiple Program Management Offices. In this capacity, an EPMO should have the ability to collect, analyze, and display program data in a manner that enables executives to see at a glace how their programs are running. A PMO is aligned with the organization with the purpose of providing management over multiple projects. Like the EPMO, the PMO should have the ability to collect, analyze, and display data but this data is project data and thus should be at a more specific and granular level. A PMO provides insight in the schedule, budget, and risks of each project. I think of the EPMO as being the overarching umbrella that governs multiple PMOs which in turn provide oversight over numerous projects.

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dkkerr said...

Well, that makes sense if my company thinks of most initiatives as "projects" with defined objectives and resources. But what if the attitude of most employees and management is things just get done -- People come into work at 9:00 and go home at 5:00 and do the work put in front of them.

It seems we need to change the perspective so that everything we do is a series of related activity to achieve some goal, we do that thing and move onto the next "project". If we can't see how the work helps achieve some goal, we shouldn't do it? Can I measure how much of the company's energy (work hours) is managed by the EPMO?